Community building, which will eventually constitute the real soul of the Park, is built by the implementation of digital platforms, the creation of aggregation points, and the organization of different collective activities. The different fields of activity, a key characteristic of the Park, will also spur cross-fertilization of ideas between the different Competence Centers.

Park Spirit

An open spirit fosters the birth of great ideas that make changes. At Innovation Park Ticino people meet, share, and connect. It is the right mix of academic researchers, businessmen, technicians, and representatives of institutions that creates the perfect “melting pot” for projects, collaborations, and initiatives, whereas business secrets must be always respected.

Points of aggregation

The points of aggregation must not necessarily formal and organized. Innovation Park Ticino offers information stands and booths, but also coffee areas, playgrounds, and open areas where people just meet informally and chat.


At Innovation Park Ticino people are always in the center of the action. People create, people take decisions, people make things happen.

Life in the Park

A coffee time, a short walk after lunch, a celebration party, a BBQ, an event: every occasion is an opportunity for informal networking. Inside the park, people share their ideas, get to know each other, and build the required trust which is needed for cooperation.